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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Will men and leggings ever be a pair?

Leggings are seen as a ‘must have’ for women, at first they were simple, plain and boring however now they have evolved from this and become a flourishing accessory that can completely transform any outfit. The use of different prints and textures makes it easy to keep up with popular trends and can be worn in any season.

So, what about Men’s leggings? Or ‘Meggings’ they are meant to be men’s biggest and current trend but will they catch on?

Yes, I think they are defiantly catching on , however I feel that will only be for areas where being 'different' is accepted and seen as cool depending where you are from. Places such as Camden Town, London and down other urban streets this will be seen as 'acceptable' however to walk around Glasgow, you would have to be brave. The brand 'BOY' is very popular just now and you can wear pretty much any garment from hat, jumper to 'meggings' and look stylish. So I think 'meggings' with no real strong brand behind them will never catch on, but with powerful branding and marketing they have potential.

           Meggings   ....  YAY or NAY? 

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